Argos Risk Surveillance

Argos Risk Surveillance is the first online service to provide an easy, actionable and affordable method for continuous monitoring for business creditworthiness and financial health, combined with a credit alert system.

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Commercial Finance Companies

Argos Risk Surveillance was created to meet the risk management demands of commercial finance companies. These organizations require complex underwriting systems that evaluate the businesses supporting each collateral-backed loan. Argos Risk Surveillance provides commercial finance companies with a risk management tool that delivers credit and financial risk analytics to each user to quickly evaluate the health of your underlying business assets. Argos Risk analytics call Argonomics are distributed across an entire organization using consistent proven risk assessment methodology. A subscription to Argos Risk Surveillance offers:

  • Suggested unsecured debt limits
  • Proactive trend analysis
  • Continuous monitoring of each business account
  • Key risk metric alerts
  • Easy-to-understand reporting

Argos Risk Surveillance can provide an early warning of deteriorating conditions within any business and provide commercial finance companies with an invaluable tool to better manage their collateral-backed loans.