Fidelity Bank Takes a Proactive Approach to Helping Customers Improve Their Cash Flow

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Posted March 9, 2017 in by Argos Risk 


Fidelity Bank, founded in 1970, is one of the premier, independent commercial banks in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area, serving approximately 700 businesses. Fidelity’s approach to business banking sets it apart from other banks, going far beyond credit scores and balance sheets. Fidelity’s business banking relationships are built upon the philosophy of Intellectual Capital™, in which bankers gain a deep knowledge of a client’s business.

The Intellectual Capital formula takes all aspects of a business into consideration, including the dynamics of the business, its cycles, trends and the economic conditions surrounding the client’s industry. This insight allows bankers to create customized and creative financial solutions, based specifically on the unique needs of the client, resulting in relationships that continue to grow and deepen, year after year.

Fidelity Bank has a history of long-standing client relationships that is unprecedented; many clients have been banking with Fidelity over 20 years. Fidelity takes great pride in understanding their client’s businesses intimately, and anticipating potential challenges facing the business, often before the client recognizes it. This impressive history of client loyalty is a true testament to the strength of Fidelity’s highly personalized Intellectual Capital approach to business banking.


Fidelity Bank’s partnership with Argos Risk offers business banking customers a proactive, affordable, and easy-to-use monthly subscription solution to help improve cash flow, save time, and streamline the entire credit risk management process, including customized A/R and credit worthiness policies.

Since Fidelity Bank maintains such close relationships with its customers, they recognized that many of their business banking customers faced daily challenges with the credit risk management process, including the need for help in making credit-based decisions that affect the health of their company. Fidelity’s Intellectual Capital philosophy led them to make the decision to help customers by finding a solution that was affordable and could easily and efficiently manage the complex process.

"If bankers do not have this knowledge, this sort of thing can keep them up at night worrying. Knowing our customers are serious about their own credit policies is very comforting [to a commercial lender]."

- Jeff Campbell, Vice President, Fidelity Bank

THE SOLUTION: Argos Risk Surveillance

Fidelity Bank did its homework and decided to introduce customers to Argos Risk Surveillance ( in an effort to help them get on top of their credit procedures and to identify potential A/R issues before doing business with them.

With Argos Risk Surveillance, companies can enter their customers, suppliers, and competitors into a process that provides ongoing, real-time monitoring of their creditworthiness and financial health. A proprietary algorithm provides a score assessment based on the creditor’s selected risk tolerance level.


Fidelity Bank’s customers are able to more effectively monitor the health of those who they do business with by utilizing Argos Risk Surveillance. The web-based solution gives them the power to:

  • Determine to whom they should sell goods and services
  • Exactly how much to sell
  • Assist with decisions about credit limits
  • Take action through an intuitive, visual dashboard that gives indicator metrics
  • Monitor their customer’s payment history and tax liens


Customers of Fidelity Bank who have used Argos Risk Surveillance have accrued a wealth of information they did not have access to previously. The key takeaways include:

  • Realizing they have been too loose with their credit policy
  • Monitoring the business health of customers, vendors, and competitors is very beneficial for their business to succeed
  • There is more to the health of a business than just a simple credit score
  • This process is necessary, but trying to do this manually would be difficult

Once Fidelity Bank’s business customers have the power of these insights, they can set a formal and structured credit policy for their clients. By incorporating the Argos Risk product directly into their credit determination process, the business customers of Fidelity Bank can feel confident that they are making well educated decisions.

Bank Customer Testimonial

PGC, a global manufacturing company, credits Fidelity Bank with providing a solution to their inefficient, time consuming credit risk management process

PGC is a global company that manufactures precision components. PGC was seeking a streamlined process to evaluate and disseminate credit-related information to multiple internal audiences, and address compliance and regulatory requirements.

Candy Denny, PGC Accounting Manager, shares her company’s story:

“We have a close relationship with Fidelity Bank, and we discussed our credit risk management concerns with our banker. We had been searching for a solution that would address all of our needs, but couldn’t find one system that embodied all of our requirements.”

“Fidelity recommended that we meet with their trusted partner, Argos Risk. Fidelity felt the solution they offered was a match with our needs and would deliver the options we were seeking. We were impressed that Fidelity was a current client of Argos Risk and it was meaningful that they gave Argos Risk their stamp of approval.”

PGC met with the Argos Risk team and were impressed with the online demonstration for AR Surveillance – it provided the solution they had been searching for, addressing their key needs.

Ms. Denny explains, “The feedback from our team is overwhelming positive and reinforces that we made the right decision in choosing Argos Risk. The team appreciates the easy-to-read dashboard and comments that the information and visuals, including data that digs beneath the credit scores, are simple to interpret at a glance and don’t require a background in credit to understand the information. We no longer have to wade through confusing reports and the time savings are tremendous.”

To read the complete case study, visit PGC Case Study

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