Argos Risk Surveillance

Argos Risk Surveillance is the first online service to provide an easy, actionable and affordable method for continuous monitoring for business creditworthiness and financial health, combined with a credit alert system.

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Manufacturers, Distributors, and Wholesalers

Knowing more about your company's business relationships means a lot in today's economic environment. As a manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler, it is critical to your success to be able answer these questions:

  • Can your key supplier financially meet the "just-in-time" demands of your company?
  • Should you agree to your customer's request for a larger credit line?
  • Where do I have geographic concentrations that need to be evaluated and managed?

The speed of business has increased dramatically, requiring quicker decisions encompassing more and more information. In addition, the consequences of a bad decision can be devastating to any business. Manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler subscribers use Argos Risk Surveillance to spot changing trends in the business and financial health of their suppliers, customers and prospective customers. The easy-to-understand and actionable Argos Risk credit and financial insight allows users to significantly impact their companies by proactively managing all their business relationships and by making quicker, more informed decisions.