Argos Risk Board Member David Peterson Featured as Keynote Speaker at the 2015 PaymentsFirst Solutions Conference

In addition to presenting the keynote speech, Peterson led the education session: Technology Tune-Up/Overhauling Outdated Credit Decisioning, along with Argos Risk sales director Jonathan Lilienthal

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Posted September 18, 2015 in by Argos Risk 

ATLANTA, September 18, 2015 - Argos Risk, specialists in B2B ACH Risk Management solutionst, were prominently featured at the 2015 PaymentsFirst Solution Conference, held September 16-18 in Atlanta, Georgia. Argos Risk Board Member David Peterson delivered the Keynote Speech, as well presented an education session, along with sales director Jonathan Lilienthal.

Peterson is regarded as a pioneer in the creation of ACH solutions and an authority on electronic banking and payments. In addition to his leadership role on the Argos Risk board of directors, he serves as chief strategic officer of i7 strategies. The theme for Peterson's well-received speech was "Ship Wrecked: How to Deal with Adversity." For David Peterson's complete bio, please visit

"PaymentsFirst" is a prestigious ACH and payments association with nearly 900 financial institution (FI) members, and we are extremely honored to have played an important role in the recent Solutions 2015 Conference," said Lori Frank, Argos Risk's President and CEO. "We congratulate David Peterson for being chosen as the keynote speaker for the conference, and we are proud to have participated along with David, in presenting an education session on the important topic of regulatory compliance and ACH Due Diligence and Onboarding. Argos Risk was also an exhibitor at the event, allowing our team to have an in-depth opportunity to further educate and talk one-on-one with attendees on a number of industry issues, including compliance risk and how to avoid potential losses."

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