Argos Risk's subscription services, AR SCAN and AR SURVEILLANCE, provides automated, comprehensive, proactive insights into the credit and business health of your clients, vendors, originators and third party relationships.

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Argos Risk's universal solutions easily and effectively automate the process of business health and credit risk mitigation by monitoring, analyzing and managing data from thousands of sources. The initial scan of your entire portfolio allows for each business to be quickly categorized based on risk type and other key factors. In-depth surveillance can then be applied to the analysis process for those companies you wish to examine on a deeper level. Surveillance automates daily alerts and delivers actionable insights, empowering you to proactively evaluate and make decisions based on the overall health of your clients, vendors, originators or any third parties. Utilizing a custom process designed for your required outcomes eliminates the need for duplicate processes and time. Our easy to use dashboards keep all your information organized and readily available for review.


AR SCAN is designed for quickly evaluating your entire business portfolio, evaluating the overall risk for each company (low, medium, high). The initial scan analyzes multiple data elements and a number of proprietary factors that impact overall business health, including the following categories: overall business viability, high risk indicators, OFAC & FinCEN check, website analysis, and address verification.

AR SCAN is customizable and flexible to the needs of your organization, allowing you to choose the frequency of rescans on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Use AR SCAN as a stand-alone solution, or in tandem with AR SURVEILLANCE.

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AR SURVEILLANCE complements AR SCAN by synthesizing hundreds of data sources into a simple-to-understand online dashboard. The results are 38 key performance indicators that provide a real-time monitoring and management service for your business relationships that require closer review. Daily alerts, allowing subscribers the capability of instantly and proactively gauging the impact changes, both positive and negative, have on the stability of the business.

Alerts cover a vast range of important business health barometers, such as analysis of company reputation, full address analysis, liens, litigation, lawsuits, judgments, mergers/acquisitions, CFPB updates, earnings updates, changes in control, staffing changes, changes in ownership, Board of Director changes, issue/redemption/repurchase, website content, and changes in overall business health and credit risk.

AR SCAN and AR SURVEILLANCE work independently or in tandem, and are customized to the needs of our subscriber. These services work together to ensure subscribers can effectively automate the identification and management of risk to meet regulatory and compliance needs.

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